We reach the end of the season.............

Unfortunately the Carlisle Football Club will have no finals football this year for the first time in a long time.

I guess it had to come, you can be rest assured all efforts were made during our season to improve, the league and reserves ended up a couple of games out of the finals, the colts had a tough year but finished it off really well with a few good late season wins.

There is plenty to like about the talent we have at our footy club and we will bounce back again next year.

Thank you for the efforts of the committee and helpers around the club during the year to make things happen, and especially to those who put their hand up to Coach - Mark Grogan, Monte Sanders, Bryan Benning and Joel Shore.

Special Thanks to Alan Tyler for once again being our President, I am sure at times he wished he could of changed his name when people were looking for him but he soldiered on with his band of committee helpers throughout the season.

The Carlisle Football Club will celebrate the 2017 season at it's awards night, Saturday the 16th September at the Swan River Rowing Club commencing at 5.30pm for pre drinks.

For tickets contact Alan Tyler : 0417451469

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